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Iberian Takeaway

Iberian Takeaway Premium Pack

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Iberian Takeaway Premium Pack

  • 100 g 100% Iberian breed acorn fed Ham
  • 100 g 100% Iberian breed acorn fed Loin
  • 200 g Iberian breed acorn fed Chorizo
  • 200 g Iberian breed acorn fed Salchichón
  • Handmade breadsticks cooked in wood oven
  • Organic goat cheese
  • 100 ml extra virgin Olive oil
  • 2x 100 ml artisan Liquor

This pack comes in a reusable organic cotton bag stamped with the different parts of the Iberian pork. 

Once ordered, it takes 2-3 days to be shipped.

Product Details

SPAIN - Andalusia - Huelva
Iberian purebred
Feeding and breeding
Free-range, acorn fed pigs raised in the dehesa (grasslands)
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2 Reviews

Compramos el normal para los trabajadores y este para la familia, igual que el otro todo perfecto y el trato y velocidad de 10, repetiremos

Best gift EVER!!!!!!!!!!
All my friends love me since that day I brought them iberiantakeaway LOOOL

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