Sherry vinegar (Reserve) - Delgado Zuleta 37.5 cl

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The Sherry vinegar (Reserve) from Delgado Zuleta is the ultimate expression of traditional vinegars from the Jerez area (Cádiz, Andalusia). It is aged for at least three years in American oak barrels, which preserve some of the shades from their best Sherry wines.

It has an aroma full of shades, such as wood and some of the noble Sherry wines tasting notes from which this vinegar comes from. All of them make it a very singular, delicate and exquisite vinegar.

Its flavour is strong but well balanced. It is so concentrated that a few drops are enough to enhance each dish singularity, making it more attractive and delicious.

Presentation: 37.5 cl glass bottle.


Typical vinegar in the area, obtained by acetous fermentation of Manzanilla grapes. Aged during 6-7 years in American oak barrels in the Solera and Criadera system, this vinegar gets a high grade of concentration and a very strong aroma and the colour of mahogany.  

It has 7,5% acetic acidity and around 1% residual alcohol.

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