Balsamic Vinager
Balsamic Vinager

Balsamic vinegar - Arbonaida 25 cl

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This vinegar has an intense aroma full of shades, such as wood and some of the qualities of the wines which this vinegar comes from. As a result, this is a very special vinegar with a strong but balanced flavour. 

It is so concentrated that you only need a few drops to make every dish more suggestive and delicious.

It comes presented in 25 cl bottles.


Typical vinegar in the area, obtained by natural acetous fermentation of Manzanilla grapes. It has been ageing for 6-7 years in American oak barrels in the Soleras and Criaderas system, whereby this vinegar becomes unique and gets a great degree of concentration, having a stronger aroma and a darker colour.

It has 7,5% acetic acidity and around 1% residual alcohol.

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SPAIN - Andalusia - Cordova


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