Morcón Ibérico

Iberian loin "Morcón"

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Iberian Loin handmade "Morcón" from the Sierra de Aracena mountains.

Presented like a whole piece or a half of it.

  • Full piece (800 g. approx.)


Iberian "Morcón"

Although this is one of the less known pieces of charcuterie, the "Morcón" is a genuine delicacy which more and more people are starting to taste. Elaborated with the best Iberian pork meat, its flavour can be similar to chorizo's, but still different enough.

The unique shape of the Iberian "Morcón" is a detail that producers keep carefully, as well as other important aspects during its elaboration. As a result, we obtain a great piece of charcuterie with an intense flavour and a delicious aroma which you can enjoy the moment you start cutting it with a good knife. 

Iberian handmade Loin "Morcón"

The Iberian "Morcón" you can find on our website is made with Iberian pork Loin. The Sierra de Aracena mountains are the best place to obtain the best Iberian pork charcuterie due to its environmental conditions, ideal to cure and dry Iberian ham and charcuterie. Small-scale producers have been elaborating them for many decades, and we invite you to taste their products if you have never had the chance.

The best quality at home

We guarantee the origin of our products, because we choose carefully the best ones for our online shop. We buy directly to the small-scale producers, which is the best way to ensure the quality that you are going to enjoy at home. Moreover, we can ship anything you need wherever you want in Europe, and when your order arrives, you will enjoy one of the most valued pieces of charcuterie.

Iberian "Morcón", a luxury

The Iberian handmade "Morcón", whose meat comes from the best Iberian porks and is elaborated in the perfect conditions, is a gourmet product very close to you. You can use it to make a delicious tapa for your guests, with or without any other piece of charcuterie. You can also keep it only for yourself, enjoying every bite of such delicious traditional product.

Anyway, Iberian "Morcón", in its own right, is one of main characters in every meal where it is served. After enjoying a "Morcón" like this, you will never want any other different one.

We are very proud of all the products you can find at our online shop, and our Iberian "Morcón" is not an exception. Elaborated by small-scale producers who have adapted their traditional techniques to the current laws, we dare you to taste this delicious piece of charcuterie and take your time to enjoy it.

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SPAIN - Andalusia - Huelva


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