100% Iberian Loin Acorn Fed
100% Iberian Loin Acorn Fed

100% Iberian Acorn Fed Loin

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Brand: Niño Manuel

Considered one of the noble parts of the Iberian pork.

Our acorn-fed Iberian "lomo" (loin) is deep burgundy red with pearly shaded marbled fat, with a soft and oily touch, an intense and persistent flavour and an intense and pleasant aroma. 

Weight: around 600 g. or Sliced pack of 100 g.

Final presentation
  • Half
  • Sliced package 100 g.

Product Details

SPAIN - Andalusia - Huelva
Iberian purebred
Feeding and breeding
Free-range, acorn fed pigs raised in the dehesa (grasslands)


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