Iberian Acorn Fed "Lomito de presa" (Shoulder cut)

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It is one of our favourite pieces, made with the Iberian "presa" (shoulder cut), which is one of the noble parts of Iberian pork. The meat is seasoned with salt, garlic, a little bit of sweet smoked paprika powder and a touch of oregan.

The taste is similar to the one of Loin, but as the "presa" has more infiltrated fat, this piece is more juicy and tasty.

Weight: around 350 g.

Product Details

SPAIN - Andalusia - Huelva
Iberian purebred
Feeding and breeding
Free-range, acorn fed pigs raised in the dehesa (grasslands)


1 Reviews

Gracias por el descubrimiento
El mejor que he probado nunca, gracias por el descubrimiento, si no me lo hubiesen recomendado jamás habría encontrado esta delicia, mi nuevo favorito

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