Dry Sherry Amontillado

Amontillado Monteagudo Jerez-Xérès-Sherry

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Grape variety: 100% Palomino
Appellation: Jerez-Xeres-Sherry
Capacity: 75 cl.
Graduation: 18.5 °
Bodega: Delgado Zuleta, Sanlucar de Barrameda (Cádiz)


Data sheet
He born as manzanilla wine and therefore has a biological aging in a first phase, but after losing the characteristic flower veil passes through a second stage, and oxidative. palomino 100% range, with about 10 or 12 years of aging in American oak casks, using the traditional solera system and hatcheries.

Tasting Notes
Bright amber color, has a potent dried fruit and wood, excelling especially almond and hazelnut notes. The palate is very dry and complex, standing out for its breadth and persistence.

Its complexity has solved some impossible sommeliers pairings, like artichokes, smoked or pickled. A glass of amontillado can turn a simple soup or consomme in an authentic gastronomic pleasure.

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SPAIN - Andalusia - Cádiz
Wine region
Sherry - Xérès


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