Goats cheese

Goat cheese - Monte Robledo

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Ingredients: raw goat milk, rennet and salt.

Weight: around 550 g per piece.


Cheese Monte Robledo (Sierra de Aracena, Huelva, Andalusia)

Monte Robledo Goat milk cheese is a traditional and unique cheese made in Aracena. It is rated by gourmets as one of the best cheeses in Spain. The secret of this unique 'Monte Robledo' is, of course, the quality of the milk, collected exclusively from free-range goats.

The care and curing of this cheese, hand-milked, hand-cured and slowly matured in traditional 'oreos' (cold stores) allows the cheese to develop its rich texture, flavours and aromas for which this fabulous moutain cheese is renowned.

This cured mountain cheese is distinguished by its strong and persistant aroma, augmented by the traditional practice of rolling it in a bed of sesame seeds, oregano and Spanish sweet smoked paprika.

Curing is done naturally, which makes the aroma, taste and appearance change according to the season, because of changes in temerature and humidity.

IMPORTANT: The cheese is vacuum sealed in order to ship it. If you notice a strong smell when opening it, do not worry, it will dissipate in a while. If the cheese comes a little soft, put it in the fridge to make it get back to its normal state.

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